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Gautam public school, Pratap Vihar, Ghaziabad, is a school not for the children of a particular group of the society but for everyone who does not understand how and why education is important. Managed by RB Gautam Sewa Sansthan it works on the basis of non profit in many field for the betterment of students in many ways. Since 1996 the school has been running under the society. The school is improving the culture of providing education day by day & giving better education to the students. The School is affiliated to CBSE New Delhi our Affiliation NO. is 2131386.Read More..

From The Principal's Desk

"The sole purpose of education is character building and culture of mind."

Education, a continued lifelong process plays a vital role in giving the perfect direction and exact meaning to one's life. Now quality education has become the fact of basic necessities of human life. Education makes the person well informed, well behaved , self disciplined & confident. With these qualities only one can face challenges of life and can march on the way to success. We at GPS try to achieve the dream of Gandhi ji to inculcate good characteristics in the young minds. We provide conducive environment and holistic development for students. We strongly believe that we will achieve excellence of success education with the consistent support of parents, students & our talented & qualified staff. With acacemics, the school involves students in other activities promoting self realization. Students are given various opportunities to discover themselves, their potentialities, their weaknesses & strengths. they are encouraged to participate in each & every activity that promotes decision making with a positive approach. With the responsibilities of nurturing of our country on our shoulders and catering to budding thoughts of youthful minds. We are commited and dedicated to enable the students to explore their full potential

Our Aim

We are bound to strictly follow the CBSE format especially CCE pattern. We at GPS along with academic excellence give ample space to various forms of co-curricular and of which he is a part of. We thus make all the provision for the bright future of your ward and with your co-operation and support we will certainly achieve our goal of providing quality educatin to segment of our society and mark our performance.

Our Goal

To teach the curriculum in depth by providing conducive environment to enhance the understanding of concepts with the help of interactive classroom teachinag. To focus on individual capabilities & abilities by providing Personal Contact Programs i.e provision of personal consultation for specific educational need of the students